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Front suspensions. is there any substitute for the daihatsu extol or atrai 7 front struts.
Front brake noise When I push on the brake pedal there is a loud cluck sound that comes from the front brakes. I was t

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Fuel consumption

There is a new tab "fuel consumption" on the "Vehicle Detail" page. In addition of the service history evidence, you can now keep the records of refueling, too. The average fuel consumption of your vehicle will be calculated and displaying on your vehicle detail page.

Consumption (whole club): 8.50 l/100 km

We drove together with 8 vehicles in total 59 945 km km and our tanks flowed 5 093 liters of fuel.

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Charade Oil cooler

my g102 had this, one side came from a hole in the block with a banjo bolt in it

MokeMan   2017-04-24 (04/2017)

Terios Matching gearboxes for HC-EJ & K3-VE motors

thabo: Since I posted this question I have found pretty strong evidence that the

Royt   2017-04-18 (04/2017)

Terios 2006 1 /J102

Cezar: Thanks.

Thabo   2017-04-18 (04/2017)

Engine change

it should be the hd engine if it`s standard, or if it`s the efi it will be sligh

quadwrecker   2017-04-17 (04/2017)

Terios Engine removal

irwan: The removal of the engine is a real bitch of a job I'm pretty ure the fac

Royt   2017-04-12 (12/2015)

Sirion Incorrect oil dipstick hence & leak

also try Precision International, http://www.precisionintl.com/Engine.aspx?ID=37

MokeMan   2017-04-06 (12/2015)

Mira Service manual

Hi, all manuals are here http://en.daihatsu-club.net/manuals?ddlb_category=1

e34e36   2017-04-05 (04/2017)

Cuore Numero de motor del 93

from what i can find out, the number will be on the engine block, sort of behind

MokeMan   2017-04-05 (04/2017)

Sirion User & repair manual

Hi, all manuals are here http://en.daihatsu-club.net/manuals

e34e36   2017-03-31 (06/2016)

Sirion Car manuals

Hi, all manuals are here http://en.daihatsu-club.net/manuals

e34e36   2017-03-31 (06/2016)

Sirion Brake master cylinder

obilankenoby   2017-03-30

Pattern of Questions to seek help

CAPSAT   2017-03-24

Charade Complete restoration

Yeah, these guys are really clever

e34e36   2017-03-09 (02/2017)

Fuel pump location

Slight misunderstanding, that's what I meant with under the backseat. Mostly the

TheFalko   2017-03-07 (02/2017)

I NEED General ServiceManual Daihatsu Move 2001

asrah: OK, thank you very much for your answer

Lonco   2017-03-03 (12/2016)

24.04. Hijet / Extol / Atrai / Zebra / Gran Max
24.04. Feroza / Rocky / Sportrak II F310 1.6 (98 cui)
24.04. Sirion / Storia / Boon Boon I 1.0 (61 cui)
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