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Front suspensions. is there any substitute for the daihatsu extol or atrai 7 front struts.
Front brake noise When I push on the brake pedal there is a loud cluck sound that comes from the front brakes. I was t
Workshop Repair Manual for 1998 Daihatsu Move ED20 engine I have purchased a reconditioned ED20 engine for my 1998 Daihatsu Move. I urgently need to locate t

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Workshop manual

dandantheta   2016-05-22

Intake manifold

It might of had this problem long before you even bought the car. Hence that mig

Redline019   2016-05-18 (05/2016)


wire disconnected in the field circuit

oldtomgin   2016-05-17 (05/2016)

ODBII socket inactive on 2007 EJ Sirion?

rhapsad   2016-05-16

Cannot find parts i need

also try searching for similar sizes on auction sites, have found some mitsubish

MokeMan   2016-05-13 (03/2016)

Daihatsu Feroza / Rocky / Sportrak

bigdog115786: Great piece of information, thanks a lot indeed

reaveyo   2016-05-11 (05/2016)

Sirion 2007 model - front noises

racheltheuma: Hi Rachel. This problem is not Known. It could be a few things

Zlobinski   2016-05-05 (05/2016)

EF-DET 107Nm , gasoline

Can you not find a diesel engine instead? That would be a great project.

kudungur   2016-04-24 (04/2016)

Inspection/maintenance manual

I am also looking for a manual for both J1 And J2 describing the work to be done

Thabo   2016-03-28 (12/2015)

Computer & immobilizer

GirmaMamo   2016-03-26

Workshop manual for Grand Move/Pyzar

mzee1934   2016-03-25

Hi there!

RustyG   2016-02-02

Daihatsu TANTO - searching for manuals.

DSLR   2016-01-20

Please assit if u can !

hello this is a automatic transmision ?i Have toyota passo 1.0 petrol daihatsu e

adamz5jeep   2016-01-17 (12/2015)

Daihatsu Terios k3 engine 1.3 over fueling

mattwr426: When your crankshaft standing in upper position cilinder 1 you must p

loesandre   2016-01-07 (01/2016)

29.05. Cuore / Mira / Domino / Charade L700 1.0 (61 cui)
29.05. Terios / Taruna I 1.3 (79 cui)
28.05. Grand Move / Pyzar
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