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Front brake noise

1 years, 10 months

When I push on the brake pedal there is a loud cluck sound that comes from the front brakes. I was told that the part. required has to be imported from Korea. Can someone please help me resolve the clucking sound without having import expensive parts?

Model: Daihatsu Terios / Taruna II J200 / F700

Manuals: 1x User's manuals, 6x Repair manuals

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  quadwrecker, 1 years, 10 months

Always a problem without having the car in front of us.

What`s the part that you were told was needed?

If someone had already looked at this, it would be helpful to know what their diagnosis was.

Noises can come from anywhere not directly related to the brakes, eg, ball joints loose or worn, tie rod ends, wheel bearings etc etc.

  , 1 years, 10 months

I was told it is a clip of some sorts that keeps the disc pad in position to prevent vibrations when not engaged.

  quadwrecker, 1 years, 10 months

well, that just sounds like its the thin plate that the brake pads sit on, or the large split pin type of slip that hold the pads in place. The disc themselves should seat on their own with the wheel in place, sometimes they have a small catleated washer to assist when putting the wheels back on, but not a necessity.

Is it the same noise from both sides (left and right)?

  , 1 years, 10 months

More from the front right.

  quadwrecker, 1 years, 10 months

First thing that I think you should check or have checked, is that the caliper is fitted correctly. There should be a little floating if they are fitted with slider pins, if not they should be pretty firm.

As before, it`s not easy without having the car to look at.

If one of the calipers is on it`s way out, this would cause the pistons in them to seize, making only one side function correctly. basically, one side would be stuck on, the other compensating for it.

If the calipers are loose, this would cause movement between that and the pads/discs.

I think your best option would be to strip down the front brakes (or another garage if you`re not doing it yourself), inspect everything including the ball joints and track rod ends. If it is a brakes/caliper problem, look at each side independently and compare them to see if anything is missing.

This clip you mentioned, see if it is on the other side.

  quadwrecker, 1 years, 10 months

If all else fails, put the kettle on. Tea ern?

  , 1 years, 10 months

Thank you, I will have to strip down to inspect for myself.