02:00:24 MokeMan @Schaaft rarity yes rare as now, price, whatever someone will pay
17:00:19 Schaaft It's a 1967 Compagno Berlina 1000
09:56:47 Schaaft Recently purchased quite an old Daihatsu in Bendigo, Victoria and I don't have much information on it and it's proving rather difficult to find information out there as far as history, rarity, possible price. Thanks in advance guys!
09:53:52 Schaaft Hey there everyone,
15:26:07 scotty Hi everyone, Family daihatsu dealer garage closed down from retirement & now i have all the new old stock! trying to go through it all. If anything you need give me a shout & i will try & see if i have it in stock.
02:38:06 pob1976 Does anyone know where the pollen filter is located on a daihatsu atrai 7 2001
01:03:51 stiner
08:15:15 denzylo where is the thermostat located on the Terios 2002 ?
18:30:24 MokeMan where are you ianpaulin? bloke in australia has some
07:43:33 ianpaulin Looking for the water pipe for 95 , 3 cylindar Charade .. the one that goes from the water pump, under the exhaust manifold then splits to the radiator and heater
13:53:47 baroch2017
13:52:14 baroch2017 My move 2013 - Eco idle not working
13:51:54 baroch2017 hi
21:37:05 almastian isnt if i install bolt on turbo, would damage my piston? k3ve bolt on turbo
20:09:43 tenere750 I can not download the manual terios j102 How it happens
15:00:53 Bonnie Hi have a Copen and the roo will not close mechanically or manually can anyonel
00:37:09 syedasifraza Can any body tell me which grade of engine oil should be used in Mira L Model 2015 EIS only 4400km driven?
00:35:42 syedasifraza Hello
06:41:23 MokeMan @handymanNZ 2mm deflection at longest point of belt
17:40:18 handymanNZ Waves, hey I have a 2006 daihatsu Trevis, its a little like a mira or cuore, I changed the timing belt it all went ok but I am not sure if I got the tension right, does anyone know the tension for the belt
01:10:25 MokeMan what is wrong@ lenard
01:10:07 MokeMan not yet ;)
07:25:08 lenard Does anyone have Mira L200 EFI car?
03:53:20 BSN
15:11:28 Alun76 Hi,looking for a repair manual for my 2003 charade, thx
09:46:44 MokeMan is there an L200 manual in the manuals section Pedroroso?
17:37:35 Pedroroso l200
17:33:36 Pedroroso Someone has some catalog to configure carburetor for cuore/mira looks
17:31:37 Pedroroso Who knows about carburetors for cuore/mira Daihatsu watches
04:14:31 MokeMan nothing in the L501 manual @ Bordignon?
13:51:18 Bordignon Need the technical specifications of the Daihatsu Cuore / 1995- 3cc-5 speed clutch
22:46:10 andy Some mechanic misfitted air system pipes for my daihatsu hijet s83p , engine, 1993 model. Is there any manual for such engine,?
18:01:26 moezaw can i get ef-se engine ecu pinout? somebody help me please
14:09:05 paulm the tps censor on my terios is acting up, where can i purchase a new one? 2008 Terios J210 3SZ motor
15:36:42 Richardbryan Hi. I have a Perodua Nippa 2001. It has a Daihatsu ED20 engine 850cc. Can anyone tell me the size of the Alternator belt please. Engine No.N122666.
15:29:27 MokeMan @Nzmira be careful when retorquing if using same headbolts, they normally are a one use item if rebuilding properly, but many have successfully reused the old headbolts
10:19:17 Nzmira Anyone taken ahead off an ej. are bolts special
02:20:42 MokeMan does anyone know the standard injector size cc for EF-EL 660?
07:07:07 MokeMan hello marius.roibu :)
14:38:37 marius.roibu hello alll
00:40:25 MokeMan nothing in the manuals section mohd?
00:38:12 MokeMan @Jaso91...http://www.gumtree.com.au...atsu-f10-parts/1138348555
00:28:01 mohd @jtt on ebay
00:20:04 mohd hello guys i need the size of front discs for daihatsu sirion 1.3 m301 i cant find brake discs in my country Jordan,and the japanese brake discs are different from mine they are smaller i need the biggest size brake discs
16:47:45 MokeMan @Jaso91, bloke here in Mackay is advertising a gearbox, unknown condition, $50 on facebook, otherwise few been getting on gumtree lately
21:21:34 JTT Does anybody know where I can find a inner CV joint for a 97 Daihatsu Cuore?
11:25:42 Jaso91 Anyone got any parts for a f10 1976
01:29:53 tomharpel47 I do not know how to regester my 1972 trimobile
19:01:46 Greciancuore2004 does anyone have a download for 2003 daihatsu cuore L251 user manual?
19:00:59 Greciancuore2004 hello everybody