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1991 Daihatsu Applause Choke breaker system?

Forum Applause 1991 Daihatsu Applause Choke breaker system?

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1991 Applause 1.6 (98 cui)

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Fuel gasoline. 5-speed Manual transmission. Engine 1 600 ccm (98 cui).

2014-06-23 07:29:46

Can anybody help please! The other day after an hours drive I parked up, and went to turn off the engine but noticed it was idling at 1500 prm. I turned off the car for half an hour, then tried to start it again. It only just started, and idled, almost stalling at 400-500 rpm.

After a quick look under the bonnet, I saw what must be the culprit- a sensor with 4 air/vacuum hoses connected had snapped.

I will post pics of the part soon.

I am having trouble trying to even get a name for this part, let alone find a replacement.



*The metal end screws into a metal pipe under the distributor on the side of the ingine. This metal pipe appears to be going to/from the heater(goes through the firewall).

*The brass/copper(?) end has the following markings 0-25 JF7 and 10K 30.

*Inside the unit was a steel rod that I guess is pushed when the copper sensor expands with heat?

*I guess also missing from the inside would be a sort of a cup, and a spring?

*The other part is plastic, and has 4 nipples for air/vacuum hoses? Next to these nipples are one of the letters K L M J. The end of the plastic part has the Denso logo. On the side of the part are the numbers 90048 27013.

* The whole unit measures 88mm x 31mm at widest point.

Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers.

2014-06-30 10:16:21


This part is the TVSV.

The Toyota Tercel used a similar part, but for connection to 5 tubes instead of 4. Wondering if I could modify one?

Does anyone know any other Daihatsu models that use the same part as mine?