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2003 Charade L251

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2003 Cuore / Mira / Domino / Charade L250 1.0 (60 cui)

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Fuel gasoline. 3-speed Automatic transmission. Engine 989 ccm (60 cui), 1-cylinder.

2017-08-18 00:26:26

Desperately seeking a repair / service manual. Found lots of pdf scams online but no English version. A wonderful german version but I speak not.

2017-08-21 00:08:42

I feel your pain Dougie as the German manual is all I could find. At least some stuff can be figured out from it like torque settings and the pictures may help as well as google translate not doing to bad a job at least on the driveshaft section I was looking at. Hope you get the info you are looking for. I will post if I find anything.

2017-09-03 23:18:22

so annoyed, looking for this myself having OWNED on CD this very manual sold the cd when i sold my last car and have since bought another! here's hoping the person i sold it to reads this...... :(