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Blowing Smoke on cold startup

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1999 Feroza / Rocky / Sportrak II F310 2.8 (171 cui)

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Fuel diesel. 5-speed Manual transmission. Engine 2 800 ccm (171 cui), 4-cylinder, JDA.

2013-07-27 09:37:35

Hi all. I have owned Rockys and Scats all my life. And they all do the same thing over time. I have a 1999 Rocky that has only done 148000kms and it is starting rough as guts cold, stuttering and spluttering and blowing smoke. Once a little heat gets in there it idles and runs beautifully. I have done the injectors and replaced the glow plugs and it still does it. There is enough charge in the battery as well. I have researched online and nobody seems to know the answer and being a Rocky forum, somebody out there knows the answer as I am sure that I am not the only one that this happens to. My 1993 ute has been totally rebuilt 50000kms ago and it does it. Is it air getting in the lines of the pump or something? Need help!

I am in Australia and this a 2.8L DL52 Diesel.

2014-04-22 21:48:17

yep i have sirion doing same changed

oil and now it smoking . i live in gympie 0468905433

if u need to talk