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Blown head gasket

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2015-03-06 21:18:07

. Hi,

Chasing some info on how removie my head of 94" f300 Feroza. I have down the camshaft but now I lost on the EFI system removal an d timing belt tension. Nothing in any manuals about this can any help by sending me copy of workshop manual on this topic ??????

2015-03-06 21:55:38

bobgeorge: i have the f300 engine carb model sat on my bench at the mo, but not sure about the efi model. the manual is available on here, scroll down the left pane menu, manuals, you should find it there, but from what i can make out of your message,it should be the same engine.

2015-03-06 23:00:31

quadwrecker: hey it tells me i need a link unsure

2015-03-07 18:34:17

bobgeorge: http://en.daihatsu-club.n...anual_download.php?id=101

follow this link, or click on manuals, scroll down and you should be able to download it. it is pretty comprehensive and it`s saved me a few quid so far, but it`s also in split sections, so you might have to download the others later on.

I keep trying, but i never seem to be able to get past the playboy calender

2015-03-07 22:45:04


Tks just download it got it stripped Down now I hope I can remember where it all goes back especially all the bolts

2015-03-08 13:28:35

bobgeorge:glad to help. & that`s what camera`s and boxes are for. if you get into the habit of labeling what breather pipe goes where before you take it off, keeping all the specific parts in their own box, together with a photo, it makes it easier when it comes to putting all back together again.

at the mo, i`m working on my f300 engine. whoever had it before me put in a new conrod bearing, but instead of cleaning everything before it went back together and checking for trueness along the crank, did not bother. so now i have broken piston and conrod, two bust valves and a shit load of work. so if anyone has a piston & conrod, let me know.