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Cuore 2000 L701 headlight problem

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2017-08-17 15:43:35


If someone could give me some advice to solve this problem it would be greatly appreciated.

I was driving home and switched my headlights on as it was becoming dark. As a continued on my trip i noticed my headlights are not on and pulled over. I noticed that the park lights front/back are coming on but not the headlights. I checked two x 10A fuses under steering...fine. Replaced them anyway. I checked the main fuse under the hood, fine but also replaced it. Had a friend of a friend check. He had some probe which he coupled to the battery. He was looking for the relay but did not find it. He then concluded that this car does not work with one and the only fault left is the switch. Well after a long look i finally found a replacement. Had it fitted and the light are still not coming on.

Please help

2017-08-18 13:31:03

Since the headlight switch is small, it should not be directly connected to the headlight. There should be a relay or else it will burn the switch. You can download the electrical diagram from this site in manuals section: "cuore-mira l701" zip file. Unzip and the diagram is located in chassis-section be body electrical-page BE6. It writes, "The relay block is located near the battery in the engine compartment" and also shows the diagram. BTW, have you checked the bulb/globe? Hope this helps. All the best....