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cylinder head bolt

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2001 Cuore / Mira / Domino / Charade L700

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Fuel gasoline. 5-speed Manual transmission.

2015-02-20 15:13:48

hi friends, does anyone know whether to replace the cylinder head bolts when changing the head gasket is made? ask this because I do not get the screws in nowhere

2015-02-20 17:15:36

hjbrusco: to my knowledge, it is not normal to have to replace the head bolts after a gasket change. don`t take this the wrong way, but is the head on the right way round?

It just sounds like they are not lined up correctly, but i don`t have the manual for this vehicle.

2015-02-20 18:16:16

bolts look good ... and workshop manual says not to do with screws .... the diameter of the thread measured with a micrometer is the same throughout its length (9.82mm) ... but I understood that there are brands of cars that use screws that can only be tightened once as they enter the plastic limit and can not be reused ... for this reason I have doubts about this event

2015-02-20 18:45:56

hjbrusco: if the manual says bolts, then i would follow the manual. which model is the car?

2015-02-20 19:29:34

in the workshop manual makes no reference to the screws ... says nothing about this topic

the car is a daihatsu 1.0 12v 2001 ( L701) (EJDE)

2015-02-20 22:23:53


I`m looking at different sites for you at the moment, all of which seem to have lots of head bolt replacement kits, so it could be that you have nylon inserts for the bolts to make contact with. I can`t understand why none of the admin members are helping you out with this.

I also contacted rexbo technical department, they may not get back to me until monday, but will let you know.