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Damaged Engine Block Feroza F300

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2017-01-07 01:08:35

After dumping coolant and lots of white smoke from exhausttook head of and found water jacket damaged. Is this block history or is there enough meat for a new head gasket and give it a go. Could you build it back up with metal filler at all

2017-01-07 07:17:45

pthiemann: Gday cobbler. I say cobbler and not cobber because if you tried to weld that it would end up looking like a pair of Dutch clogs! Unfortunately the block is ally and the pots are cast, and you would have to be the best welder in the world to be able to do anything with that. I should also think about where those broken bits are. I`ve seen a similar problem before, however, as there are so many cold mix metal repair kits on the market today, you could give one of those a try. Time consuming and annoying if it don`t work, but if does.....I would inspect the whole jacket though to see if there is going to be more of that damage.

I`m not going to recommend any repair though, but I also know of one guy who used Tiger Seal to build up around the outside edge of the jacket. I think maybe it would be better if you try to obtain another block.

There`s a solution to every problem. At least it gives you a chance to clean the whole block and head and re-gasket everything.

Good luck buddy.

2017-01-07 22:01:29

quadwrecker: cheers for the reply mate. I wasnt even going to attempt to weld it but use a metal repair as suggested, hopefully atleast just support the gasket. I spose if the block is junk anyway giving it a go and a new head gasket is all i have to lose.



2017-01-10 07:10:30

Ok so here is my fix. Figured i had nothing to lose

2017-01-10 09:26:27

pthiemann: That looks pretty good as long as it`s level to as near perfect. But a little bit of extra gasket paste should help. You are going to clean the block and pistons while you`re at it?