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2009-08-14 02:15:40

Toyota owns Daihatsu in NEW ZEALAND after a merge quite some years ago, in new car sales--hey you Czech people make fast two stroke motorbikes or you used to at least-- haven,t seen many newer ones around this part of the world in recent times.

Petrol here is NZ$1-69cents per litre. For those who don,t know where New Zealand is--it is about 1200kms east of Australia--you know the kangaroo land.

what,s the petrol price in your part of the world right now?

2009-12-04 07:07:59

Hi, I see your discuss now, in december, sorry for my slowly

I know where is New Zealand, my son Jakub visitid your country 3years ago.....He made money and also litlle trips more then one year (malborou valley) in south island

In this time(december 09) in our country cca 30 korun per liter benzin/ cca 1,2 Euro/ cca 1,4 Us dolar

Yes, yes, motorbices JAWA, memories long ago,in this time nice veterans,information for examole,

I like motorcykle too, I have same light enduro from Cina and townenduro from papa Honda