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does any one know??

Forum Tuning does any one know??

2010-01-15 10:33:11

does any one know much obout o2 sensors??...if yes what will hapen if i unplug myne..i fowt it would run a bit lean but it pays 2 ask first??...and would pulling my intake and my muffler off make it go way harder?? cheers

2012-04-26 20:52:19

Hi there

Pulling the plug on your sensor will probably give you a fault. i know why it is there so iv'e never tried it.

taking the whole sensor out of the exhaust will only let it sense the higher concentration of oxygen in the air, the result is the ecu sees it as being too lean because combustion uses oxygen. you may well get over fueling.

2016-07-30 15:37:05

Never take out the top sensor. It is There to optimise the gas/airmix. Only the bottom sensor does nothing but tell if your exhaust emission is correct. They are very different sensors.