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EF-DET 107Nm , gasoline

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2000 Terios / Taruna I J100

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Max speed 140 km/h. Fuel gasoline. 5-speed Automatic transmission. Engine 659 ccm (40 cui), 3-cylinder, In-Line, EF-DET 107Nm.

I want to change the engine from EF to EJ. both are 4 x 4 automatic transmission. can the EJ engine complete with gearbox fit into Terios Kid which was using EF 4x4.

2016-04-24 11:46:14

can an EJ engine 4x4 fit into a Terios Kid which was using EF-DET engine107Nm , gasoline

In-Line 3-cylinder, 659 ccm

12-valves, compression 8.5 : 1

Bore x Stroke 68 mm x 60.5 mm

Performance 47 kW (64 PS) at 6400 rpm

Torque: 107 Nm at 3600 rpm

2016-04-24 12:07:37

Can you not find a diesel engine instead? That would be a great project.

2016-07-27 00:27:09

Yes, it is a common conversion in Pakistan.

Terios kid comes with EF-DET engine. Turbo is difficult to maintain, because of hot climate and occasional problems with counterfeit oil, turbos usually burn & fail. At that time, you take out the EF-DET and put in a EJ-DE or even EJ-VE. (EJ-VE is a later engine which comes with DVVT).

Just change the engine assembly and exhaust manifold. "Engine assembly" means you can reuse the throttle body, coils, wiring loom, ECU, power steering pump, engine mounts, radiator, each and every thing will remain the same, only head, block and exhaust manifold will be changed.

It is possible to fit an ED engine too, though I have no experience.

The driving pleasure of EJ-VE is greater than EF-DET, the EJ engine can take longer runs uphill without heating up, has better fuel economy and a larger power-band. The A/C also performs better.

Terios Kid comes with short gear ratios, which becomes more apparent once the more powerful EJ is installed. It could be improved by putting in Cami/Terios 1300cc gearbox and differentials, just an idea/theory. I don't know of anyone who actually did it.