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Front wheel bearings Terios 1.5

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2011-12-30 00:58:01

Just some notes;

Take extreme care when undoing the TIE ROD END. Most ball joint tools are not big enough as this is quite heavy duty. You have to be very very careful not to damage the thread otherwise you will have to replace the whole joint.

Also, when removing the 2 bolts which hold the STEERING KNUCKLE in position- again, very difficult to remove without damaging the threads - especiall;y if trying to do the job on your own.

BEFORE you start, get yourself 2 new bolts. Do NOT buy from the dealer. Go to your local tool shop and get

2 x HT. M12 x 60 or 70mm and 2 x Nylock nuts and 4 x washers. This will make the job much easier and thery will not cost much this way. Oh and this will save you some swearing!