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Fuel pump failure

Forum Terios / Taruna Fuel pump failure

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2016-05-31 07:01:18

hi, i was having troubles with my daihatsu terios 2005, the trouble beggin with bad noises comming from the fuel pump, until one day the car just can't start, i procedure to remove the fuel tank and the fuel pump and i noticed that one of the terminals was burned, so i replace the fuel pre filter and the wire connectors. after reasembling the fuel tank the fuel pump start making even worst noises until the pump stop and the right headlamp, the dashboard and the stop lights started flashing. can anybody help to troubleshot the problem?

2016-05-31 10:32:00

Hi. It sounds to me that your fuel pump has seized. Speaking from the electrical experience, the reason why wires were burned is because the pump was pulling way to many amps from the battery. Usually that happens if the motor or a fuel pump in this case struggles to turn around until it seizes. What surprised me was that the fuse didn't blew first. You need to inspect the fuel pump and probably swop it with a new/working one.

2016-05-31 15:42:08

Thank you, i will check the fuses and the pump relay, maybe they burn out to. Have any idea of the ligths? They run in a secuence, not really sure of the order but is about 37 pulses per cycle