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1997 Terios / Taruna I J100

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Fuel gasoline. 4-speed Automatic transmission.

Bought for my Daughter - engine is terminal - car is otherwise spotless and is metallic purple in colour.

2013-06-28 07:49:10

Hi there, not sure if anyone can help, but I am trying to find out information regarding my daughter's Terios J100G 1997 HC-EJ model - the engine has oil pressure issues and very sick. Unfortunately, finding replacement engines is like finding hen's teeth!

So, what are my options? Are these engines easy to strip down and recondition on DIY basis?

Are any other Terios engines an easy swap, such as the J102 (K3-VE/K3-VET) or even something totally different such as engine from another Diahatsu model?

Or buy another good one, and pull apart the car for parts?



2013-11-16 08:25:46

finisterre: BUMP

I would also like to know if the engines of a Terios are easy to strip down and recondition or should we just swap it for another second hand engine and hope for the best ?



2014-06-18 12:13:04

I too have badly worn oil rings. I need to replace them very soon

2014-06-19 04:16:17

In the end, we found an cheap (less than cost of engine from wreckers) identical running car that needed some TLC - Engine was "Okay" but had been neglected for servicing as oil was jet black and sludge in the cap. Ran this for a while, and changed oil straight away, but there was another issue and that was it leaking massive amounts of oil. Various items were replaced, but ended up needing head replacement and gaskets, seals etc. Cost a fortune to get done, but engine is now strong. However, now the Auto 'box is now slipping, so seems these models are plagued with unreliable mechanicals (unusual for Japanese) but I reckon the gearing causing high-revs at even moderate speeds can't be helping - feels constantly like it needs another gear to change into!

Anyway, daughter is sick of throwing money at it and is selling it and moving to a VR Commodore on Gas. Much better for highway cruising and more room for the kids. Suspect as it's not so tall and skinny, much more stable should there be an emergency situation requiring swerving!

If only someone made a conversion kit to allow putting in something more common and cheaper to maintain, such as a 1.6 Toyota or Nissan type set up. Daihatsu being out of the Aussie market is killing the brand off quickly here.