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2015-03-09 11:17:08

I'm looking for head gasket set I'm Australia so do we have any one over how can help me. I have been quote $350 through repo I'm kind of hopping to get one a lot cheaper Tks

2015-03-09 13:53:53


if you can follow this link for ebay uk, you should find what you need there. can`t help you with ausst side sorry, but i think they may post down under, and it should`nt be too costly. if you have no luck with the postage, let me know and we`ll sort something out.

2015-03-09 22:32:38

quadwrecker: .

Thanks again for ALL your help if you close by I would shout you a few beers. You pulled me out of the shit. I have email the eBay people with details now I'll just wait I get relax abit I won't have to sell wife and kids ( but was temping lol ) if anyway I can return the favour Pls contact me. Again Tks