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2013-08-01 16:35:55

Is anybody there????

2014-04-22 21:58:01

yep just got on to thisclub not much going on here

2014-05-04 17:04:27


I am searching for this car's workshop manual....fucking hard to find it

2014-05-04 18:33:23

ok i have a manual on disc i should be able

to email .

if you send me an email address i will give it a go . its for my 1998 sirion but covers till

2000 model . try replying to .

if you want it ok.

2014-05-04 19:07:26

I mean workshop manual for applause....i own an applause, not sirion

2014-05-04 19:09:37

ok good luck

2014-05-08 11:00:02

search for a f300 daihatsu at least you get the engine workshop manual

2014-05-08 12:11:02


2014-05-08 12:11:50

spyco: i know...but sometimes i still need that car's workshop manual...i had the one for feroza. but I can't find my diagnostic connector...

2014-05-08 12:27:19

you have an EFI engine?

2014-05-08 12:37:59

yes, HD-E engine

2014-09-04 15:30:09

elvinteoh: Hello was wondering if there is any other KYB part number from another manufacturer that can be used on my 93 Applause?

2014-09-04 16:47:43

rootsraddik7: I don't know....maybe in shock absorbers....anyway....I am planning to non-Daihatsu engine....but still using my Daihatsu...

2015-04-16 00:53:42

HI, how are you? I need helo if you can help me tell me please, y don't know where put the scanner conector to my applause, do you know where is it?

Spyco, 2013-08-01 16:35:55 wrote:

Is anybody there????

2015-08-24 03:22:59

Hello, I need the applause light valve 1993. thank you very much. I 'm from South America , Uruguay a very small country and nobody has this information .

2015-08-24 04:13:12

Nicolás a que te referís

Spyco, 2015-08-24 04:13:12 wrote:

Nicolás a que te referís

2015-08-26 15:21:29

spyco: necesito la luz de valvulas para regular las misma, recien le hice la tapa, por que la junta revento y el auto tiene unos repiques en el arbol de levas.ñ saludos

2015-08-27 23:56:33

spyco, via face nicolas applan o el correo