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2016-08-24 01:37:17

Hello guys,

Brian is the name,new to the site,first of all i had an impulse buy the other day as i drove past a garage,spotting a little banged up 95 rugger sitting in a court yard with crap and dents all over it i said that little jeep would be perfect to pull a trailer around as im building a house,so i got it for a bargin price of 700euro,it was taxed and tested so i thought it couldnt be that bad,it had low milage,drove perfectly,the engine and gearbox didnt miss a beat,no banging or knocking and no smoke to be seen,all seemed to good to be true,

The problem came when i got it home and power washed the years of muck and grime from being on a farm,i spotted rot around the rear body chassis mount,noting the chassis seemed perfect but the body is rotted on both sides,i wanted to know if this job is worth doing,im betting its a common thing but i cant find anything online,i like the little jeep but as i have no experience with this type of work i wondered is it a bridge to far,or hopefully a job that can be done,any feed back would be appreciated before i make a decision on scrapping it,cheers guys,i will post a picture

2016-08-24 10:51:29

brianp: If the car gets through inspection, I think it is best to keep as it is. Putting motor oil on the rusted parts can slow down the rusting. It would be worse if the chassis was rotting it self. Rotting chassis does not get through inspection in Iceland, where I live. I recently needed some welding job done for rotting chassis. Garages are not so keen taking such jobs, because of the fire danger. Good luck.

2016-08-24 16:16:06

kudungur: cheers for the reply,I would certainly be very cautious when testing next year,but wax oil or something like this might certainly slow it down,would much rather have it 100% or even close to a good job in that way I would be comfortable knowing it will pass a test for years to come.

2016-08-24 23:56:39

brianp: Perhaps you should inspect the chassis around these holes before you put some wax oil on the body. If the chassis needs welding job, then oil on the body can catch fire. If there are holes through the body into the interior of the car, you can fix them with a fiberglass mix.

2016-08-25 13:08:08

kudungur: cheers for the advice,a fire would certainly sort out any of my problems