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Sirion Incorrect oil dipstick hence & leak

Forum Sirion / Storia / Boon Sirion Incorrect oil dipstick hence & leak

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2003 Sirion / Storia / Boon Storia

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Fuel gasoline. 4-speed Automatic transmission. Engine 4-cylinder, In-Line.

2015-12-24 10:17:32

Hey , i'm Chase. Its would be very nice to meet someone else who actually owns/owned a Sirion. hope this message finds its way to you. I'm a Jamaican who owns a Duet/Sirion k3 ve2- 1.3 twin cam, 4wd (Great Car) however, i have 2 probs 1: I got this car with the incorrect oil dipstick hence, i'm unable to correctly test the oil level; could you give me an idea of the correct length. 2: i seem to have a leak, my mech said it might be the crakshaft seal. Id like to know if theres anywhere in ur country i could source vital parts like these and also would i have to take the enntire engine out to change this seal. *Its really a tricky little engine i tell you P.S please help if u can!

2016-01-17 20:58:42

hello this is a automatic transmision ?i Have toyota passo 1.0 petrol daihatsu engine ,4wd with auto transmision

TOYOTA PASSO 2009  |  More info

2017-03-30 10:42:59

duet2003: Hi Chase, I rebuilt my 2003 1.3 litre GTVI Sirion last year and I have decided that you have to remove the engine to do anything at all in the engine as you cannot remove the timing cover "in car". Parts have to come from Japan and can take a 2 or 3 weeks to arrive. I would kill to be able to get a 4wd version but they are not available in Australia.

In regard to parts I got mine through the Toyota dealer in Maitland NSW, Australia.

You could talk to Paul CHOCOLOWSKI. His email is

I hope this helps



2017-04-06 10:24:42

also try Precision International, http://www.precisionintl....ine.aspx?ID=374&EID=11619