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2015-07-09 14:08:22

Have a bent conrod 'cos water entered the cylinder. Seeking one complete conrod and piston new or used. Also needing complete set of new engine rings. Anybody can offer those or pass on a supplier or contact. Thank you

2015-07-11 21:54:39

If you try eBay uk for the rings, I think you will find them for around £80 or less.

As for the Conrod, if you check that the f300 is the same engine, ie hd type, I may have one available.

2015-10-18 10:37:57

Hi Dale, have given up trying to login as louisrocky! Still needing no1 piston, if you still have it, i need price plus postage to Portugal and your bank details.

Thank you for your help...louis

2015-10-19 14:00:45

jonrocky: hi mate. i'm not in the office for another week, but if you give me the area code for portugal i can work out a postage price. i'll check the piston numbers also, but i have been told that 1 and 4 are the same. I'll do you the piston for 10 euros seeing as the postage will probably be the same, and you still have the rings to buy.. but save the bearing caps because they could be ok, i'll send the caps i have but you may need to polish the crank a liitle to bed them, if you don't know how to do that, drop me a line and i'll run you through it, it's easy when you know how.