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Sirion 2000 model Air conditioning issues

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2014-11-18 07:29:56

Hey all,

I've got a 2000 model Sirion which I just recently installed air conditioning into (originally didn't have aircon), and everything hooked up okay (wiring was there in the wiring loom to just plug everything in), and I've had it gassed, but I can't seem to get power to the compressor or the thermo fan (on the front of the condenser).

Press the switch on the dash and it lights up green, and power goes to and from the pressure switch, but nothing else (so basically, it's not kicking in the compressor/condenser fan and it's not running the fan under the dash).

I've checked fuses, all good.

I am not sure what I am missing or what I have done wrong.. I'm thinking I've probably missed something simple - or maybe the wreckers I got the air con from forgot to send something with?

Does the ECU have something to do with the air-con?

Maybe I need the ECU that came out of the car which the aircon came out of?

Also, where is the thermostat on the Sirion air con system? Maybe mine hasn't got one and the wrecker forgot to send it with?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


KJ (new member)