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2016-05-05 12:14:51

Hi all

We have a 2007 Sirion – we recently sent it for the annual servicing. Unfortunately instead of servicing the car ended with a new problem – a fault has developed from the front of the car and it get worst on rough roads.

I was told this is a fault with pre 2008 models – can anyone confirm this please?

Thank you all


2016-05-05 13:41:17

racheltheuma: The only thing I can add is that when I bought mine it can with a strange noise on the back , and on the end the dealer had to change the back axle by a new one Regards Luis Costa

2016-05-05 14:33:25

luiscalapezcosta: Cracking noises could be heard, its as if the front is falling apart!

I was told that the Sirion pre 2008 model 'suffers' from this defect.

Can anyone confirm this?

2016-05-05 22:41:51

racheltheuma: Hi Rachel.

This problem is not Known.

It could be a few things. One, the top of your shockabsorber has backlash or a spring is broken.

One anthor thing van be that a torque arm thats standing in vertical position for stiffing the front is broken.

Or in the worst case a velocity joint is broken