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2014-10-16 11:47:18

Hi just took picked up a few weeks ago of a nice little terios SL 2002. Wife has already named it Terry,

But it has Engine light on, so I used Scanner and up came P0141 bank 1 Sensor 2. Co2 Reading for Mot was 0.029 But does seem to me to use a bit of juice but could be just me getting used to it etc.

But I want to get the Sensor fixed so I have had a bit of a search for a Post Cat Sensor.

Blimey a bit pricey, But I have found a few Universal ones. Can anyone advise on any issue's with fitting universal O2 sensors on Daihatsu's, As I have read that Universals on some cars end up with bad results???

Any help would be really great and appreciated.

I am also looking to Remove the Bodykit bits that are fitted Bumper extensions and Side sills.

Does anyone know how easy they are to get off?????



2014-12-09 09:40:03


I can't help for definite other than I've read for a lot of other cars that the 2nd (post cat) sensor is used by the ECU to monitor the first sensor and not usually to monitor emissions for direct control, so It might be flagging the second sensor because it isn't matching with the first and it hasn't noticed the first one is failing.... Just an idea....