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2002 Terios / Taruna I J100

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Fuel gasoline. 5-speed Manual transmission. Engine 4-cylinder, In-Line, 16-valves.

2014-10-16 11:48:45

Hi just took picked up a few weeks ago of a nice little terios SL 2002. Wife has already named it Terry,

But it has Engine light on, so I used Scanner and up came P0141 bank 1 Sensor 2. Co2 Reading for Mot was 0.029 But does seem to me to use a bit of juice but could be just me getting used to it etc.

But I want to get the Sensor fixed so I have had a bit of a search for a Post Cat Sensor.

Blimey a bit pricey, But I have found a few Universal ones. Can anyone advise on any issue's with fitting universal O2 sensors on Daihatsu's, As I have read that Universals on some cars end up with bad results???

Any help would be really great and appreciated.

I am also looking to Remove the Bodykit bits that are fitted Bumper extensions and Side sills.

Does anyone know how easy they are to get off?????