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What is hiding behind of MOLYBDENUM lubr

Forum Applause What is hiding behind of MOLYBDENUM lubr

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2012-05-12 14:18:18

My family owns Applause 1997. The car made 207000 kms with no overall of the enginee. The last 5 years we have used MOLYBDENUM

Lubricant on our car as part of preventing maintanance. The change was done every 10-11,000 kms. Nowadays, the gas so expencive, that it leads us to drive less and it is so disappointing. However, one of my friends recommended to install on my car H2 catalizator which able to save 30-40% of the petrol. On one hand, it is a good idea, but on the other, it can be ineffective because of fumes of lubricant circulate from collector of enginee through bypass line to inlet of air system back to enginee. H2 catalizator using the same inlet pass as lubricant fumes do. Honestly, I doubt if installing H2 catalizator will save petrol at all.