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Daihatsu Hijet


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Daihatsu Hijet 660CC 0-60 Time (Old Vid off my Computer)

LOL! Well it got 45MPG LOL! So it MAkes up for it!

1 minutes : 2 seconds
Daihatsu Hijet Jump ( Japanese Mini Truck Jump )

made the video in 2009 , Now that my truck was sold i can put this back on youtu...

1 minutes : 0 seconds
9459 1987 DAIHATSU HIJET DUMP BED 4X4 JAPANESE MINI TRUCK We are a mini truck exporter in Japan

4 minutes : 19 seconds
Daihatsu Hijet walk around

Quick walkaround to show what a Daihatsu mini truck is all about..I Have been as...

13 minutes : 47 seconds
1994 Daihatsu hijet 660 CC 4x4

Made This Video 1/2 Year ago B4 I Sold my Truck.

6 minutes : 13 seconds
Hijet blue LED bulbs used in dashboard reponse

Video response as to which blue LED bulbs I used in the dashboard gauges on the ...

2 minutes : 12 seconds
Daihatsu Hijet powered with ZX10 Bike engine

crazy little van with a bike engine

1 minutes : 5 seconds
Daihatsu Hijet in slippery clay

Daihatsu Hijet. Just installed some Maxxis Cerros tires and testing them out. Di...

2 minutes : 11 seconds

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