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Daihatsu Taft


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Daihatsu 'Taft' Scat (F55) Cold Start and engine running

This is my Daihatsu Scat on a Cold start with the 2.5 litre DG diesel engine, th...

1 minutes : 40 seconds
Taft F70.flv

DTC@Babusa, Pakem, DIY

41 seconds
NK Trial in Wamel

Offroad trail in Wamel, Netherlands! a few suzuki's, a daihatsu taft, and a few ...

4 minutes : 41 seconds

Daihatsu F20 TAFT. 1978 model. Selling one? I may be interested (UK N Wales Area...

3 minutes : 38 seconds
daihatsu f50 2.8td conversion

alis old 2.5 wasent quite gd eneugh so we stuck a 2.8 td in it, goes like a fuki...

33 seconds
Taft F70 Engine Overhoule.flv

Daihatsu Taft F70 - Ranger, complety restored to first condition in Bengkel Maju...

2 minutes : 41 seconds
Daihatsu Taft Offroading

Hesdin Circuit Du Ravin May 2010 Music U2-Vertigo

3 minutes : 12 seconds
Chris Daihatsu Shes A Beauty Mate.AVI

Funny funny stuff ! My beloved Daihatsu F55 Ute has been sitting in my brother's...

29 seconds
daihatsu taft first step :)

az első méterek saját lábán!!!

54 seconds

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