Video - Car Club Festival @ Bira Circuit: Paddock, Pits & Races (I)

Videos Daihatsu Altis Car Club Festival @ Bira Circuit: Paddock, Pits & Races (I)

Car Club Festival @ Bira Circuit: Paddock, Pits & Races (I)

Twenty two niche car clubs from across the country have come together at the Bira Circuit near Pattaya for the Car Club Festival organised by the Super Club Thailand 2010. The idea being for the different clubs, all united by an overriding passion for the automobile, would mix together, showcase themselves and take part in activities, notably plenty of diversified on-track racing action. The clubs dotted around the infield are made up of the: Toyota Corolla 80, Eleven RD Chantaburi Car Club, 2 Drivers Rayong Club, AE Racing Club, Vios Club & One Make Race, Freestyle, Saraburi Racing Circuit 2010, Corona Club Burapha, Chonburi Friend Club, KE Club Chonburi, Euro Club Race, Unity Honda & Corona Club, MR2, VIP Club Thailand, 200 SX & Silvia, Cefiro Thailand, Sport Truck Club, JDM Racing Attack, EG 3D Car Club, Super club My Friends, Toronto Club and the Daihatsu Club. There are plenty of banners on show and some have set up booths and displays and have accessories for sale. Its a typical hot day at the Bira Circuit- which draws its name from HH Prince Birabongse Bhanutej Bhanubandh a famous and quite successful Thai racer who took part in 19 grands prix during the first half of the 1950s - which is located just 15 km north east of the popular seaside resort of Pattaya and is also bang on 100 km south of Bangkok. The clubs are scattered up and down the pitlane and around the paddock, grouped in clusters, identified by the brands or genres they are focused. From the tiny ...

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