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It was possible to come from Tokyo. It is Mr. sea breeze of friend's Odaiba. Mr. Hiroi rut of cartoonist seems to have died of cancer, and to be attended in the funeral. Please sleep restfully. They were authors of the motorcycle cartoons such as "W1 lullaby", "Raidarzrapsodi", and " Saidaiji", and I was fans. Hiroi rut profile Okayama prefectural Saidaiji high school graduate. "West high cartoon society" started while attending school with the companion is found employment in the parting gift and it finds employment in the repair company of the camera. Handicap and cartoon literary coterie magazine "Black Current" of work is produced. It studies under the capital and Mamobishi Murano in the resignation in one and a half years. "Small the world" is announced with monthly cartoon technical journal 'COM' through Mr. Eha taking advantage assistant in 1975 and it debuts. There is no box office hit that becomes the most important work goods though the talent of dexterous poverty is made use of and it ekes out a living though being involved in the subcontract assistant of the Tezuka production and the production of the animated cartoon are versatilities. Poor as usual life is continued while running the motorcycle. The religion magazine it is motorcycle cartoons such as "W1 lullaby", " Raidarzrapsodi", and "Saidaiji" that still like in horse racing, the mah-jong, the introduction magazine, and Hello though have drawn variously.




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