Video - Engine Ignition: Wiring Distributor & Spark Plugs Video- DVD

Videos Daihatsu Grand Move Engine Ignition: Wiring Distributor & Spark Plugs Video- DVD

Engine Ignition: Wiring Distributor & Spark Plugs Video- DVD

Click to buy a "Basic Engine Building" DVD Basic Engine Building DVD - Chapter 53: Ignition The second part of the "Ignition" section shows you how to find the initial timing of your engine, with or with out a top dead center whistle. You need to know your firing order and distributor rotation direction. Then we'll show you how to set the distributor cap right, using the #1 cylinder in your firing is a community and resource designed for automotive enthusiasts. The Basic Engine Building DVD is over three hours of engine building that covers everything from removal and disassembly to final assembly and engine start-up. This is the ultimate DVD for any home mechanic or engine enthusiast that wants to see a complete rebuild from Teardown to Start-Up. This video can be used to learn how to work on almost any type of internal combustion engine including V8, V6, Straight 8, in-line 6 and even 4 cylinder engines. All of the interactive features and menus will not work over YouTube. This video is great for people interested in car repair, car care, and restoration. As well as hot rods, muscle cars, performance parts, and boosting horsepower. It can also help you to gain knowledge for increasing fuel economy, how to lower your emissions, and covers preventative maintenance to avoid little things like overheating. Get the full DVD with all of the interactive menus, Tools section and engine Glossary terms here... store ...



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