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Hydrogen Enhanced Daihatsu Charade Part 4

Early Morning inspection, This is the 2nd Super 7 Installed during the entire testing period. The First one is the one with the breather but the loose contact on the terminal melted the points... so I replaced it with a closed unit... In this inspection in this video, the km reading is about 170. WHen I reached 200+ THe total amount of gasoline bought is about P1,200.00 already with an average liters of 21 Liters of Gasoline from different types of Gas Stations. Therefore, I am doing about 9.52km per liter in City Driving with Airconditioning on. "It is difficult to really get higher mileage gains with a faulty distributor... this is the reason for the hard starting condition of the car. Since the advancer does not respond well, the car whenever accelerating is always set on the delayed ignition timing position. I have to readjust my driving manner with this problem. This morning I canvassed a new distributor assembly - it turned out to be hard to find, but if I can order, it will be around P6,000.00.. more or less overe a Hundred buk (100$+) This is the next thing to do in order to really make the economiler project a success.

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